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Liste des CVARs du moteur Id Tech 3

(baseq3 1.32, c'est à dire tel qu'il a été libéré par Id Software)

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arenasFile (command)
bind (command) bind <key> [command] Attach a command to a key.
bindlist (command) List of all the current key bindings.
changeVectors (command) Causes a divide by zero error! Don't try this at home, kids!
cmdlist Displays all of the available commands.
cvarlist cvarlist Displays all of the available variables.
demo demo <demoname> play a recorded demo. Very large demos (really long) can screw up Quake3 Bench because the console can overscroll before a condump is made. Q3 Patch Level: 1.11 - 1.17 – *.dm3 (ie. “mydemo.dm3”) Q3 Patch Level: 1.27g-1.27h – *.dm_48 (ie. “mydemo.dm_48”) Q3 Patch Level: 1.27 - ? – *.dm_66 (ie. “mydemo.dm_66”) Q3 Patch Level: 1.31 (final) – *.dm_67 (ie. “mydemo.dm_67”) Version 1.11 - 1.17 has two built in demos. I think version 1.27 has one built in demo (Q3Bench lists it).
devmap devmap <mapname> Changes the map (development mode). This is for debugging a map.
dir dir <directory> [extension] Display the contents of the specified subfolder.
dumpuser dumpuser <user> Displays information about the specified user.
echo echo <message> Like echo in DOS (for thos who remember).
exec exec <filename> Executes a script file.
give give [object] Will give you the object you specify.(cheat codes must be enabled). Objects: phaser, tetryon disruptor, compression rifle, scavenger rifle, i-mod, tricorder, health, ammo, weapons, all(all weapons), romulan cloaking device.
god Toggles god mode, which , in turn, makes you invincible to enemy fire. (cheats must be enabled)
heartbeat heartbeat Sends a heartbeat to the master server(s).
in_restart in_restart Reinitializes Input controls.
kick kick <user or id field> Kick Players off the server.
Kill This will kill yourself
killserver killserver Stops Quake 3 Arena server.
map map <mapname> Change the current map.
map_restart map_restart Restarts the current map.
meminfo meminfo Displays information about the server's memory.
midiinfo midiinfo Displays information about the server's MIDI configuration.
quit quit Exits Quake 3 Arena.
net_restart net_restart Reinitializes a network connection.
path path Displays Various directory information.
rconpassword /rconpassword mypassword Remote admin password. CAUTION: make sure you type this in the drop down console and put the forward slash at the beginning. Otherwise it will be displayed as chat and everyone will know your password.
reboot reboot This is specific to Rcon Commander and only works if the Rcon Commander listener is installer on the game server, properly configured, and running.
reset reset <variable> Resets a variable to it's default.
say say <message> chat to players.
sectorlist sectorlist Lists The entity count for each sector of the current map.
serverinfo serverinfo Displays various server settings.
set set <variable> <value> Used to set the value of a variable. Using it will set the value for that game session only. When you restart it won't be saved.
seta seta <variable> <value> Used to set the value of a variable. Using it writes the variable permanently to your q3config.cfg file.
sets sets <variable> <value> Used to set the value of a variable.
setu setu <variable> <value> Used to set the value of a variable.
spdevmap spdevmap <mapname> Changes the map (development mode).
spmap spmap <mapname> Changes the map.
status status Displays the current map and some player stats.
systeminfo systeminfo Displays information about the server configuration.
toggle toggle <variable> Toggles the value of the variable (for values of 1/0). If you wish to use command toggles, e.g. instead of holding down a key to run you may bind a key to it, pressing the key once to enable running, pressing it again to walk. To use this toggling you must bind a key as follows. bind key “setting !”, e.g. in the example above you might use bind b “cl_run !”. This method can be used with most settings. The ! is what sets the toggle.
touchFile touchFile <file> Command that I am sure has a purpose but I amunaware of it.
unbind unbind <key> Remove commands from a key.
unbindall unbindall Removes binding configuration from all keys.
undying gives you 999 armor and 999 health (cheat codes must be enabled).
vminfo vminfo Displays information about the server's virtual machine.
vstr vstr <variable> Executes a variable command.
wait wait
writeconfig writeconfig <filename> Writes the current configuration to the specified file.
bot_challenge Make the bot a bit more challenging
bot_debug Toggle debugging tool for bot code
bot_developer Toggle developer mode for bots
bot_enable BOOL 1 Use bots.
bot_fastchat BOOL 0 Set bots to chat fast.
bot_grapple BOOL 0 Bots use the grappling hook.
bot_groundOnly BOOL 0 Bots play on the ground only.
bot_interbreedbots 10 Number of bots used for goal fuzzy logic interbreeding
bot_interbreedchar Bot character to be used with goal fuzzy logic interbreeding
bot_interbreedcycle 20 Bumber of matches between interbreeding
bot_interbreedwrite File to write interbreeded goal fuzzy logic to
bot_maxdebugpolys 128 Max number of polygons available for visualizing things when debugging
bot_memorydump Displays memory allocation/use for bots used for debugging
bot_minplayers BOOL 0 Bots meet the minimum players until a player joins; Then the bot gets kicked.
bot_nochat BOOL 0 Mute bots.
bot_pause Debug command to pause the bots
bot_predictobstacles Tells bot's to predict an obstacle and turn before running into it
bot_reachability This is a debug cvar which does not work in the retail version
bot_report Debug command to have the bots report what they are doing in CTF
bot_reloadcharacters 0 This cvar if set to 1 disabled bot character file caching. used when creating bot characters while keeping Q3A running. kicking and re-adding a bot will reload the bot character files
bot_rocketjump BOOL 1 Toggle determines weather the bots will use the rocket jump technique
bot_saveroutingcache Allows the BOT AI to save routes for custom maps in memory
bot_testclusters A debug variable for testing BOT's on new terrain maps
bot_testichat Used to test the initial bot chats. set this to 1 and add a bot. the bot will spit out all initial chats.
bot_testrchat Used to test the reply chats. set this to 1 and add one bot. the bot will always reply and dump all possible replies.
bot_testsolid Test for “solid areas” in the .aas file (read the q3r manual)
bot_thinktime This is the time in milliseconds between two AI frames. Set the amount of time a bot thinks about a move before making it AI…
bot_visualizejumppads Visualizes the default arch of a jumppad (read the q3r manual)
capturelimit INT 8 Captures required To end a CTF game.
cf_AmmoStatusbar 8×8 Font size for Ammo Status Bar
cf_CrosshairNames 12×12 Font size for names at the crosshair
cf_Following 8×8 Font size for the 'following xxxx' display in spectator mode
cf_Fragmsg 8×8 Font size for the 'You Fragged/Were Fragged By XXXX' message
cf_Pickupstring 10×14 Font size for 'Picked up XXXX' message
cf_Scores 8×8 Font size for Scores
cf_Statusbar 24×24 Font size for Status Bar - Scores/Armour/Health
cf_Teamchat 8×12 Font size for Team Chat Area
cf_TeamCrosshairHealth 12×12 Font size for Team m8s Health Display at the crosshair
cf_Teamoverlay 6×11 Font size for the Team Overlay
cf_Vote 10×14 Font size for Vote messages
cf_WeaponName 8×8 Font size for weapon name in weapon list
cf_WeaponSwitch 16×16 Font size for weapon switch message
cg_altGrenades BOOL 0 Alternate grenade graphics
cg_altLightning BOOL 0 Alternate Lightning/Shaft Graphics
cg_altPlasma BOOL 1 Alternate Plasma Graphics
cg_ammoCheck BOOL 0 Disables ability to change to weapon with no ammo
cg_animSpeed 1 Toggle linear interpolation between successive frames in a player animation. 0 = no interpolation 1 = it does interpolate.
cg_autoAction 0/31 0 (OSP) Auto do stuff, like record demo, screenshot the scores, dump stats to text file. Binary Switch, 1-stats, 2-screenshot, 4-demo, 8-team weap stats, 16-all stats. Add up features you want, i.e. 31 does everything
cg_autoswitch BOOL 1 Set this to 0 to disable auto switching of collected weapons. This setting won't affect performance, but I'm sure no-one wants to switch from the Photon launcher to an I-MOD just because they walked over it.
cg_bobpitch BOOL 0 The amount of pitch movement in the bobbing up and down you do when you move about. This setting determines your pitch up while moving. Leave it at the default value or 0 to remove the movement.
cg_bobroll BOOL 0 The amount of rolling in the bobbing up and down you do when you move about
cg_bobroll This setting determines how much you roll back & forth while moving. Leave it at the default value or 0 to remove the movement.
cg_bobup 0.005/1 0.01 The amount of bobbing up and down you do when you move about. This setting determines how much you bob up while moving. Leave it at the default value or 0 to remove the movement.
cg_brassTime 0/10000 2500 Length of time for cartridges to lie on the floor. Set it to 0, disable ejected shell effects and gain fps.
cg_cameraOrbit Change the step or increment units of the orbit rotation from one angle how much of a step to next angle
cg_cameraOrbitDelay 0/100 50 Change the rate at wich the camara moves to the next orbit position the higher the number the slower
cg_centertime Sets how long messages are displayed in the center of the screen (3 seconds by default). The messages obstruct your vision and repeat the function of the frag counter.
cg_clientLog BOOL 0 Creates a logfile of the console while you play.
cg_crosshairHealth BOOL 0 Recolor your crosshair to show health status
cg_crosshairPulse BOOL 1 Pulse the crosshair when you pickup an item.
cg_crosshairSize 1/50 24 Size of your corsshair
cg_crosshairX 1/50 0 Horizontal offset for crosshair
cg_crosshairY 1/50 0 Vertical offset for crosshair
cg_Customloc enter the name of your custom location names file here
cg_damageDraw BOOL 1 Displays red sploges on screen when u get hit
cg_damageKick BOOL 1 Shakes the screen when u get hit
cg_deadBodyFilter BOOL 0 Players dissapear as soon as they die, no dead bodies lying about or dying animations.
cg_deferPlayers BOOL 1 Only loads new player models when u die or look at scores. Set this to 1 to defer loading of new models for people that join games until you get killed. Then the new player model will be loaded. Don't set this to 0 unless you want to lag a little when new players join & their model gets loaded.
cg_draw2D BOOL 1 Give this a value of 1 to enable 2d items to be drawn. Items such as the HUD would fall into this category so leave this enabled.
cg_draw3dIcons BOOL 1 Enables/Disables in-game 3D icons (your head, armour, last shot by etc.). On by default. Disabling can decrease performance on low spec machines. Toggles the drawing of the 3D ammo, skin and armor icons. Set it to 0 and gain fps
cg_drawAmmoWarning BOOL 1 Displays Ammo Warning when running low. A value of 1 enables the low-ammo warning display. 0disables it.
cg_drawAttacker BOOL 1 Displays Last Attacker at top right
cg_drawCrosshair 0/10 5 Choose your crosshair 1-10. A value of 0 will remove the crosshair, which will make aiming making more difficult. 1enables the crosshair. Leave this setting alone.
cg_drawCrosshairNames All Players - 1/Off - 0/Own Team - 2 1 Draws the name of the person in your sights above the crosshair. Set this to 1 to allow the name of the targeted person or item to appear. 0 will disable this. It's probably best to set this to 1, particularly in multiplayer games.
cg_drawDecals BOOL 0 Show custom graphics (like osp logo) on map surfaces (walls/floors) during warmups
cg_drawFPS BOOL 0 Displays game Frame Rate in Frames per Second. Off by default. Displaying the Frame Rate constantly can decrease performance on low spec machines. A value of 1 will enable the display of a small counter on the screen showing your current frame rate. This may help you in tweaking your game for the best performance/image quality trade off.
cg_drawFriend BOOL 1 Draws a triangle over the heads of your team m8s
cg_drawGun BOOL 1 Draw Own Weapon (or not). Set this to 1 to enable weapons to be shown on your screen. A setting of 0 will improve FPS but no weapon will be drawn. Visibility will improve a little with this but you'll want to know what weapon you have. I'd recommend leaving this set to 1. A value of 2 will draw the gun without bobup
cg_drawIcons BOOL 1 Displays Icons (or not)
cg_drawPing BOOL/On (Coloured) 2 0 Displays game ping. Off by default.
cg_drawRewards BOOL 1 Displays icons for excellent, impressive etc
cg_drawSnapshot BOOL 1
cg_drawStatus BOOL 1 Displays Health/Armour/Ammo status bar. Draws your health status. One that will increase your fps (not noticeably) if turned off - 0. I personally like to anticipate death.
cg_drawTeamOverlay Off-0/On Top Right-1/On Bottom Right-2 1 Displays Team Location/Health/Weap status at top right or bottom right
cg_drawTimer BOOL 0 Displays the length of time the game you are playing has been running. Off by default. Switching on the timer can decrease performance on low spec machines. The setting of 1 decreases your fps a wee yet helps you to orientate in time (ie to anticipate the respawn of valuable items and to be aware of how much time is left). The respawn time of an item can be set by the designer and may vary from map to map.
cg_enableOSPHUD BOOL 0 Enables the OSP hud configuration
cg_enemyColors 2222 Set the model colour of your enemy
cg_enemyModel keel/pm Your Enemy's player models
cg_execVstr Enter the name of a vstr to be run on connection to a server
cg_fallKick BOOL 1 Shakes the screen when u land from a height
cg_float BOOL 0 Makes the scores display 'float'
cg_followkiller BOOL 0 Follows the killer of the person you are following in spectate mode
cg_followpowerup BOOL 0 Switches from currenty followed player to the player who picks up the power up
cg_followviewcam BOOL 0 If in viewcam mode, will switch viewcams to follow a player
cg_footsteps BOOL 1 Enables/Disables footstep sounds (cheat protected). Default is on.
cg_forceColors BOOL 0 Forces Team colors to be same as your the colours you set with cg_enemycolors
cg_forceModel BOOL 0 Everybody has the same model as you. Setting this to 1 forces all players to use the same model in multiplayer. This can improve performance by reducing texture memory usage (only 1 player model is used for all players), although there'll be no way to distinguish between players. I'd recommend leaving this at 0 unless you are using a graphics card with a low amount of video memory.
cg_fov 10/170 90 The field of vision value is in degrees (default 90, maximum 160). Recommended values are 100 to 120: broader view, the enemy not too small, railing more accurate.
cg_gibs BOOL 1 Enables/Disables gibs when someone gets blown to bits. On by default. Disabling increases performance on low spec machines.
cg_hud_crosshairTeamInfo BOOL 1
cg_hud_drawPickup BOOL 1
cg_hud_fragMessage BOOL 1
cg_hud_graphs BOOL 1
cg_hud_statusbarStyle 0/16 0
cg_hud_teamBackground BOOL 1
cg_hud_weaponList BOOL 1
cg_hud_weaponListBackground BOOL 0
cg_hud_weaponListDrawAll BOOL 0
cg_hud_weaponListFlash BOOL 0
cg_hudFiles ui/hud2.txt
cg_impactvibration BOOL 1 ????
cg_inGameVideo BOOL 1 Enables/Disables in game video screens. On by default. Disabling can decrease performance on low spec machines.
cg_lagometer Lower Right - 1/Upper Right - 2/Off - 0 1 Give it a value of 1. This will enable the Lagometer, which will aid you in diagnosing & improving your online gameplay. The lagometer is displayed in the bottom right of your screen & looks like this. The lagometer is effectively split into 2 sections, top & bottom. I'll deal with the top section first. The top section shows world updates. Yellow is bad indicating dropped frames; Blue is good & indicates no frames are being dropped. Information on this line should be used to tweak your snaps “x” setting.The bottom indicates packets received. The Green indicates packets received, which is good. Red indicates lost packets, which is bad. Yellow indicates incomplete packets which is also bad. Information on this line should be used to tweak your rate “x” setting.
cg_lightningImpact BOOL 1 ????
cg_marks BOOL 1 Enables/Disables marks left by shots hitting walls, floors etc. On by default. Disabling can decrease performance on low spec machines. Set to 1 to enable marks on the ground/walls being displayed. A setting of 0 may improve performance a little. Although this is somewhat dependant on how bad your aim is. I'd recommend setting this to 0 for online play.
cg_MaxlocationWidth 0/20 16 Sets maximum locationlength for teamoverlay and teamchat.
cg_muzzleFlash BOOL 1 Gun Muzzle flashes when u shoot
cg_nochatbeep BOOL 0 Enables/Disables the beep heard when chat is displayed. Default is off, enabling will turn off the chat beep.
cg_nomip BOOL 0 ????
cg_NoMOTDDisplayDuringDemo BOOL 0 removes the message of the day from demo playbacks
cg_noPlayerAnims BOOL 0 Enable to stop player models being animated
cg_noProjectileTrail BOOL 0 Stops the Display of Rocket Trails
cg_noTaunt BOOL 0 Stops taunting from opponents
cg_noVoiceChats BOOL 0
cg_noVoiceText BOOL 0
cg_oldCTFsounds BOOL 0 Enables/Disables the old Capture The Flag sounds. Default is off.
cg_oldPlasma BOOL 1 Old Style Plasma
cg_oldRail BOOL 1 Set Old Style Rail (Beam)
cg_oldRocket BOOL 1 Old Style Rocket Trails
cg_oversampleMouse BOOL 0 ???? Mouse Smoothing
cg_predictItems Set it to 0. This controls whether the Client or Server decides if an item has been collected. When set to 1 you may be incorrectly led to believe you collected an item when you did not. Those on high bandwidth connections would probably be best of setting this to 0.
cg_q3compScoreboard BOOL 0
cg_railTrailTime 0/1000 300 Length of time for rail trail to remain visible.
cg_runpitch 0/1 0 The amount of pitch movement when you move about. This setting determines your pitch while running. Leave it at the default value or 0 to remove the movement.
cg_runroll 0/1 0 The amount of rolling movement when you move about. This setting determines how much you roll back & forth while running. Leave it at the default value or 0 to remove the movement.
cg_scorePlums BOOL 1 Enables/Disables floating score plums. On by default.
cg_scoreTransparency 0/1 1
cg_shadows 0-2 1 Controls quality of shadows. Normal by default. Realistic shadows need a BEAST machine. Turning off shadows can increase performance on low spec machines. For realistic shadows you must also set r_depthbits to 24 and r_stencilbits to 8. No Shadows - 0/Normal Shadows - 1/Realistic Shadows - 2. A setting of 0 disables shadows (recommended). 1 enables, basic, circular shadows. 2 will enable volumetric shadows (You must also set r_stencilbits “8”). Enabling shadows will reduce performance.
cg_showmiss BOOL 0 ????
cg_showPlayerLean BOOL 1 Show Player leaning animations
cg_simpleItems BOOL 0 Enables/Disables pickup models. Off by default. Enabling this will display pickups as 2D icons instead of 3D animated models and increase perfomance on low spec machines. A value of 1 will disable the display of 3d models for items, instead using 2d icons in their place, this may increase frame rate on older videocards. 0enables the display of 3d models for items, which will make image quality a little better.
cg_smoke_sg BOOL 1 Smoking Shotgun
cg_smokegrowth_gl 1/32 2 Rate of Growth of Grenade Smoke
cg_smokegrowth_rl 1/32 2 Rate of Growth of Rocket Smoke
cg_smokeradius_gl 1/32 8 Radius of Grenade Smoke
cg_smokeradius_rl 1/32 8 Radius of Rocket Smoke
cg_stats BOOL 0 Displays game snapshot stats
cg_statScrollTime 0/1 0.15
cg_stereoSeparation 0/1 0
cg_swapSkins BOOL 0 Swaps skins of yourself and enemy
cg_teamChatHeight 0/20 0
cg_teamChatsOnly BOOL 0
cg_teamChatTime 0/20000 0
cg_teamRails BOOL 1 Rail inner color as team color
cg_thirdPerson BOOL 0 Switches to thirdperson view
cg_thirdPersonAngle 0/360 0 Sets camera angle when in thirdperson view (Cheat Protected)
cg_thirdPersonRange 0/360 40 Sets camera range when in thirdperson view (Cheat Protected)
cg_trueLightning 0/1 0 Sets lightning to be as you fire it (1) or wet spagetti (0)
cg_useScreenShotJPEG BOOL 0 Uses JPEG format instead of TGA for screenshots
cg_viewsize 0/100 100 Percentage of Screen used for display
cg_zoomfov 30/200 40 FOV when in zoom mode
ch_3waveFont BOOL 0
ch_ColorLocations BOOL 1 Changes color of locations in teamoverlay to be red or blue if the text Red or Blue is found in the location.
ch_CrosshairColor White
ch_CrosshairNamesLeft BOOL 0 Draws crosshairnames left of the hud on top of teamchat.
ch_crosshairTeamInfo BOOL 1
ch_drawFlagNames 0-4 0 0 - Default/1 - Flag Carrier Name (no Icon)/2 - Flag Carrier Name & Icon/3 - Flag Carrier Name (no Icon) Bottom Right/4 - Flag Carrier Name & Icon Bottom Right
ch_drawHealthMeters BOOL 0
ch_drawPickup BOOL 1
ch_drawspeed 0-2 0 Displays players current speed in Units Per Second. 0 - Off/1 - Speedo Top Right/2 - Speedo on Crosshair
ch_FilterLocationsTeamchat BOOL 0 Filters location strings out of teamchat
ch_fragMessage BOOL 1
ch_graphs BOOL 1
ch_InverseTeamChat BOOL 1 Inverses teamchatwindow. If enabled, msgs arrived first will be drawn on top.
ch_Obituaries BOOL 1 Prints player obituraries messages in the console.
ch_Pickupitem BOOL 1 Draws the icon and string of items when they are picked up.
ch_StatusbarFormat 39094 0
ch_statusbarStyle BOOL 1
ch_TeamBackground BOOL 0 Disables teambackground color in statusbar & teamchat.
ch_TeamchatOnly BOOL 0 If enabled, only draws teamchat on the bottom left side of the HUD. It will suppress team chats showing up in the normal upper left chat area.
ch_TeamCrosshairHealth BOOL 1
ch_Teamoverlay p12n h/aw l
ch_weaponList BOOL 1
ch_weaponListBackground BOOL 1
ch_weaponListDrawAll BOOL 0
ch_weaponListFlash BOOL 1
ch_Weaponswitch 0/10 4
cl_allowDownload BOOL 0 A setting of 0 disables auto-downloading of maps/models. Set this to 1 to enable it.
cl_avidemo 0/200 0 For outputting all frames as screenshots to make AVIs with. When is not 0, the number you enter is the number of frames per second for the output.
cl_freelook BOOL 1 Enables Mouse Look
cl_maxpackets This sets the maximum amount of packets that get sent to the server. The default setting is 30, which is fine for V90/56K connections. If you are on a 33.6K modem you should lower this value a little (say to 25). Those on ISDN or faster can set this higher than 30. You may need to experiment a little with it.
cl_mouseAccel BOOL 0 Mouse Accelleration
cl_nodelta A setting of 1 will disable Delta compression. Don't do this for any reason.
cl_noprint BOOL 0 Enables/Disables console messages, thats all of em…
cl_packetdup Set to 1. If you are experiencing packet loss this will allow retransmission of lost packets. Only set this to 0 if you are playing on a LAN (as there should be no packet loss).
cl_pitchspeed 0/500 140 Pitch Speed
cl_punkbuster BOOL 0 Enables PunkBuster code (added to PR 1.32) required to connect to servers using PunkBuster Anti Cheat Code
cl_run BOOL 0 Always Run
cl_run BOOL 0 Set this to 1. Always run. never walk or you die!
cl_timeNudge Similar to push latency in Half-life, you can use this to set “fake lag” when playing in single player, & more importantly in online games you can give this a negative value. A general rule of thumb would be to set this to half your average ping (negative value of course, or else you'd be adding lag). E.g. If you normally have a ping of 200 you should set this to -100. This may help smooth your online gameplay out.
cl_yawspeed 0/500 140 Yaw Speed
cl_znear 0/5 0
cm_playerCurveClip BOOL 1 Allows interaction of player and curved surfaces
color 0/9 7 Colour of old rail
color1 0/9 9 New spiral rail Inner Color
color2 0/9 4 New spiral rail Outer Color
com_blood BOOL 1 Enables/Disables blood. On by default. Disabling can decrease performance on low spec machines.
com_buildScript for automated pak building scripts
com_dropsim 0.0 to 1.0, simulated packet drops
com_FirstTime A value of 1 means that the intro was already played, so it isn't played again. Give it a value of 0 to enable it being played each time you load the game.
com_hunkMegs 32/512 56 Amount of memory to allocate to game. You can use this to set the amount of memory available to Elite Force. A general guideline to setting this value would be 2/3 of RAM. Keep in mind Windows needs about 16MB RAM minimum to run. You should also have closed all other programs before running Elite Force.
com_introplayed BOOL 0 Does not play the intro video again if set to 1.
com_logfile 1 = buffer log, 2 = flush after each print
com_maxfps 30/200 85 Sets a cap on the maximum FPS. Set to 43 to jump out of trenches. x to sets your maximum frame rate. In Quake 2 this was used to stabilize online connection. This is no longer the case; instead the cl_maxpackets “x” & snaps “x” is used. I'd recommend setting this to 30 when playing online.This will help keep the frame rate constant (no dropping from 60FPS to 30FPS) & will aid in distinguishing between graphics card “lag” & lag in your connection to a server.
com_soundMegs 8/256 16 How much memory to allocate to the sound system
com_speeds shows all stats of a map in debuging mode. Use the devmap command to load the map first.
com_zoneMegs 16/512 56 Amount of memory to allocate to game
cvar_restart Usage: cvar_restart Description: Restarts q3a with all defaults.
dedicated BOOL 0 Dedicated server.
fraglimit INT 20 Frags required to end a game.
fs_game CHAR ”” Sets the mod directory and executes the mod at startup.
g_allowVote BOOL 1 Allow player voting.
g_banIPs CHAR ”” A comma delimited list of banned IP addresses.
g_doWarmup BOOL 0 Do warmups before a Tourney match.
g_forcerespawn Force player to respawn after death in milliseconds.
g_friendlyFire BOOL 0 Friendly fire causes injury.
g_gametype INT 0 The game type. 4 = ctf 3 = 1 vs. 1 2 = team holo TM 1 = free for all dm death match
g_gravity 800 Pars around 275. Gravity force value.
g_inactivity Time in seconds of inactivity before a player is kicked.
g_knockback 1000 Description: Sets the force of a weapon impact on a victim.
g_log CHAR “games.log” The sub-directory and filename of the log file.
g_logSync BOOL 0 Append to the existing log or not.
g_maxclients INT allow this many total, including spectators
g_maxGameClients INT allow this many active
g_motd CHAR
g_needpass BOOL 0 Game needs a password to play.
g_password CHAR ”” Password to join the game.
g_pmodwhatever BOOL Enables the mod, you have to map_restart for it to take effect 1 is enable, 0 is disable actionhero assimilation disintegration elimination specialties
g_quadfactor INT 3 Quad damage multiplier.
g_speed INT 320 Changes running speed.
g_spskill INT 0 Bot skill level 0-5
g_subtitles Setting it to 1 will enable subtitles in the game, 0disables them. A setting of 2 enables the display of subtitles during cinematic scenes.
g_synchronousClients BOOL 0 Allows Recording of demos by clients.
g_teamAutoJoin BOOL 0 Forces a player to join smallest or loosing team.
g_teamForceBalance BOOL 0 Forces a new player to the smallest team.
g_warmup INT 0 Warmup time before a Tourney.
g_weaponRespawn INT 5 Seconds before a weapon respawns.
handicap 5/100 100 Player Handicap (amount of health)
headmodel sarge Your player models head
in_joyBallScale 0/1 0.02 Joystick movement multiplier
in_joystick BOOL 0 Enables Joystick Input
in_joystick You won't be using a joystick to play Elite Force so set x to 0. If you are, set it to 1. Mouse & keyboard is by far the better way to play though.
in_logitechbug BOOL 0 Fixes a bug with Logitech input devices
in_midi BOOL 0 Enables MIDI input
in_midichannel 39098 1 sets midi channel number
in_mididevice 39098 0 sets midi device number
in_midiport 1/32 1 Sets midi port number
in_mouse BOOL 1 Activates mouse input
in_mouse Set it to 1 to enable mouse support. If for some reason you aren't using a mouse then set this to 0.
joy_threshold 0/1 0.15 Deadzone setting
logfile INT 0 Console logging 0=no,1=buffered,2=continuous,3=append.
m_filter BOOL 0 Mouse Smoothing. Set 1 to enable mouse filtering. This will average out mouse movements resulting in much smoother scrolling. A setting of 0disables the filter. I'd high recommend enabling this.
m_forward 0/1 0.25 Mouse forward sensitivity multiplier
m_pitch -1/1 0.02 Mouse UP/Down sensitivity (negative number reverses axis)
m_side 0/1 0.25 Mouse sideways sensitivity multiplier
m_yaw 0/1 0.02 Mouse Left/Right sensitivity
model sarge Your player model
name CHAR “UnnamedPlayer” Use this to set your player name. e.g. /set name noob
nav_showall For map debugging.
net_ip “localhost” Address of the server.
net_noipx Set this to 0 to enable the use of the IP/SP protocol. You must have IP/SP installed to use this so set it to 1 if you don't. Most Internet servers use UDP (part of the TCP/IP protocol). I'd recommend setting it to 1.
net_noudp Set this to 0 to enable the use of UDP, which is part of the TCP/IP protocol. You must have TCP/IP installed to use this so set it to 1 if you don't. Most Internet servers use UDP. I'd recommend setting it to 0. This is only really useful if you play the game solely on an IP/SP network/server.
net_port INT 27960 Port of the server.
net_socksEnabled BOOL 0 Enable socks support.
net_socksPassword CHAR ”” Socks password.
net_socksPort INT 1080 Socks port.
net_socksServer CHAR ”” Socks server address.
net_socksUsername CHAR ”” Socks username.
noclip BOOL 0 1=enabled, you can fly and walk through walls at will, but will get stuck on the edges of the map (end of map/last wall on opposite side of infinity. You'll have to self terminate (/kill).(cheat codes must be enabled)
notarget Toggle; Makes you invisible (cheat codes must be enabled)
r_allowExtensions BOOL 1 global enable/disable of OpenGL extensions
r_allowSoftwareGL BOOL 1 Don't abort out if a hardware visual can't be obtained. Set to 1 to allow software rendering of the game. Although this really is an extremely bad idea unless you absolutely cannot run the game with your current video card. Get a new video card if this is the case, or try updating your drivers. Leave it set to 0 at all times.
r_ambientScale BOOL 1
r_clear BOOL 0 Force screen clear every frame. A value of 0 fills cracks between textures, 1 makes these visible. 0 is slower than 1 although more pleasing visually. Also for debugging maps-Use the devmap command to load the map first.
r_colorbits 16 bit - 16/24 bit - 24/32 Bit - 32 16 Use this to set the colour depth. Leave it at 16 unless you have a card that supports 32-bit colour output. Performance is slower in 32-bit than 16-bit however. So when you play online be sure to drop this back to 16. Only relevant for fullscreen.
r_colorMipLevels BOOL 0 development aid to see texture mip usage
r_customaspect BOOL 0
r_customheight 0/1600 1024
r_customwidth 0/1600 1600
r_depthbits 16 bit - 16/24 bit - 24/32 Bit - 32 16 This sets the colour depth bits per pixel. Valid values are 16 or 32, setting it to 0 will use the same colour depth as the Windows desktop. Selecting 32 (If your video card supports it) will give best image quality, but slowest peformance.
r_detailTextures BOOL 0 Set it to 1 to will improve texture quality when up close. Setting it to 0 will improve performance.
r_displayRefresh Use it to set your refresh rate in the game. It is recommended that you set this to the highest refresh rate that your monitor can handle at a given resolution. With vsync enabled this value also limits the highest frame rate you can achieve. You shouldn't set it any higher than the highest refresh rate your monitor can sustain at a given resolution.
r_dlightBacks BOOL 0 dlight non-facing surfaces for continuity
r_drawentities Disable/enable entity rendering. Used to debug maps. Use the devmap command to load the map first.
r_drawSun BOOL 0 A setting of 1 enables the sun to be drawn. It won't improve performance much if set to 0 although it will add a little to lighting calculations in areas where the sun shines. I suggest leaving it set to 0 as most maps will be played “in-doors” or have few areas with sunlight (Voyager - Elite Force has no outdoor levels).
r_drawworld disable/enable world rendering
r_dynamiclight BOOL 0 A setting of 1 will enable the dynamic lighting of maps, e.g. the light surrounding an explosion. Improve performance by setting this to 0, although visual quality will be reduced, although visual quality will be reduced.
r_ext_compiled_vertex_array BOOL 0
r_ext_compress_textures BOOL 0 Set this to 0 to disable texture compression support (slower, but better visuals). This is only for S3TC texture compression so if you have an S3 card, are using the 5.xx nVidia drivers or have a Voodoo 3, 4 or 5 installed then you should set this to 1. Texture compression can vastly improve frame rates, although may cause some visual degradation in certain areas of the game.
r_ext_compressed_textures these control use of specific extensions
r_ext_gamma_control BOOL 0
r_ext_multitexture BOOL 0 Set it to 1 to enable multi-texturing, this can improve performance. 0 will disable it. Also Used to debug maps. Use the devmap command to load the map first.
r_ext_texture_env_add BOOL 0
r_ext_texture_filter_anisotropic When it is set to 1 image quality can be improved - elements of the scene will appear smoother when viewed at near edge angles. Your video card must support this however. Set x to 1 to disable anisotropic filtering for improved performance, or if your video card doesn't support it. If not supported it will automatically be disabled.
r_facePlaneCull BOOL 0 enables culling of planar surfaces with back side test
r_fastsky BOOL 0 A setting of 1 will remove the sky texture & portals won't be seen through. I'd recommend leaving this set to 0 unless you're on a really slow system. Also for debugging maps. Use the devmap command to load the map first.
r_finish BOOL 0 Setting it to 1 may eliminate lag from input devices (such as keyboard/mouse) at the cost of a few FPS. The default is 0 so only change it to 1 if you experience any controller lag. This ensures proper timing.
r_flareFade 0/10 7
r_flares BOOL 0 light flares
r_flareSize 0/100 40
r_fullbright BOOL 0 Must be set to 0 for OSP servers. Otherwise the correct setting will be applied and your game will vid_restart.
r_fullscreen BOOL 0
r_gamma 0/5 1.33 Default is 1. Increase this to make the game brighter. The brighter the visuals the more washed out the textures will look (not quite the same as the brightness setting though). This adjusts the RGB colour intensity. Higher values will reduce texture detail by brightening textures up. Performance isn't affected.
r_glDriver opengl32 Name of the Open GL driver in use
r_ignore Used for debugging anything
r_ignoreFastPath BOOL 0 Allows us to ignore our Tess fast paths
r_ignoreGLErrors BOOL 0
r_ignorehwgamma BOOL 0 Overrides hardware gamma capabilities. Set it to 1 to enable the game itself to set the gamma level to be used. Set it to 0 to disable any in-game gamma settings & use one set by the video card driver instead. Setting it to 0 may make any brightness slider in the game menu ineffective.
r_inGameVideo BOOL 0 Controls whether in game video should be draw
r_intensity 0/5 1 Brightness Setting ????
r_lightmap BOOL 0 Render lightmaps only
r_lockpvs turns off any existing pvs lock: no idea; Used to debug maps. Use the devmap command to load the map first.
r_lodbias -10/10 0 Push/pull LOD transitions. his controls the detail level of models. Increase the value to improve performance but reduce detail. Lower the value to increase visual quality but lower performance. 0 is the lowest it may be set. I'd recommend leaving it at the default of 1. 2 is the least detailed but also the fastest. Elite Force models are skeletal so there's no memory savings by using a less detailed setting (higher), just a frame rate improvement.
r_lodCurveError 0/300 250 Must be set to 250 for OSP servers. Otherwise the correct setting will be applied and your game will vid_restart.
r_mapOverBrightBits 0/5 2 Brightness Setting ????
r_measureOverdraw enables stencil buffer overdraw measurement
r_mode -1/10 4 video mode
r_nobind turns off binding to appropriate textures
r_nocurves Set this to 1 to disable curves & vastly improve performance. You may notice visual faults in maps though as a result. I'd recommend setting it to 0. Used to debug maps. Use the devmap command to load the map first.
r_noportals BOOL 0
r_norefresh Not a tweak as such although setting to 1 will freeze the screen. Leave it set to 0 at all times. This is included here more as a warning than anything else.
r_novis Disable/enable usage of PVS
r_overBrightBits 0/5 0 Increase this to make the game brighter. The brighter the visuals the more washed out the textures will look. Adjust this to suit your own needs, performance isn't affected either way. If you change this to 0, you should also change r_mapoverbrightbits to 0 as well.
r_picmip -10/10 0 A setting of 0 gives best image quality. Setting it higher (up to 4) may improve performance but reduce image quality. I'd recommend leaving this at either 0 or 1.
r_primitives BOOL 0 “0” = based on compiled vertex array existance
r_railCoreWidth 1/32 4 Width of Inner Rail (old)
r_railSegmentLength 1/32 3 Rail Segment Length (old)
r_railWidth 1/32 8 Overall Rail Width (old)
r_roundImagesDown 0/5 0
r_shadows Controls shadows: 0 = none, 1 = blur, 2 = stencil, 3 = black planar projection
r_shownormals BOOL 0 Draws wireframe normals. Must be set to 0 for OSP servers. Otherwise the correct setting will be applied and your game will vid_restart.
r_showsky Forces sky in front of all surfaces
r_showtris BOOL 0 Must be set to 0 for OSP servers. Otherwise the correct setting will be applied and your game will vid_restart.Enables wireframe rendering of the world. Shows all the triangles drawn from the compile process. Use the devmap command to load your map fromt he console for debugging
r_simpleMipMaps BOOL 0
r_singleShader Make most world faces use default shader
r_smp BOOL 0 Use a value of 1 to enable support for multiple processors, Elite Force Arena does have support for multiprocessors (SMP). In order to get the benefits from SMP, you must be running a SMP capable OS e.g. Windows 2000 & have an SMP capable video card driver combination. Right now, The Detonator drivers for the TNT/GeForce generation of cards are the only ones that are working properly. Leave it at 0 unless you have such a system.
r_speeds For counting triangles in map debugging mode. Use the devmap command to load the map first.
r_stencilbits 11917 16 Number of desired stencil bits. if you enabled Volumetric shadows above then you'll want to set this to 8. NOTE - Your graphics card must have a stencil buffer to do this, e.g. GeForce or Voodoo 4/5. Voodoo3 does not. 8 bit - 8/16 bit - 16/24 bit - 24/32 Bit - 32
r_stereo BOOL 0 Desired pixelformat stereo flag
r_subdivisions 1/100 4 Must be no greater than 80 for OSP servers. Otherwise the correct setting will be applied and your game will vid_restart. Use this to set how complex (rounded) the curves will be in maps. A setting of 1 gives the most detailed (smooth) curves. A setting of 999 gives the least smooth curves but improved performance. You should play around with this value for yourself until you find a good balance between performance & detail.
r_swapInterval 0/5 0 This is the Elite Force equivalent of vsync. Set it to 1 to enable vsync (recommended). Only set it to 0 when you are benchmarking game performance, this will allow for higher frame rates (than your refresh rate).
r_texturebits 11917 16 Sets the bits per texture. A value of 16 for 16-bit colour & 32 for 32bit colour. 32 will give best texture quality. 8 bit - 8/16 bit - 16/24 bit - 24/32 Bit - 32
r_textureMode GL_NEAREST_MIPMAP_NEAREST Valid entries are GL_NEAREST_MIPMAP_NEAREST (worst), GL_LINEAR_MIPMAP_NEAREST (default),GL_NEAREST_MIPMAP_LINEAR (second best),GL_LINEAR_MIPMAP_LINEAR (best).Setting it to GL_LINEAR_MIPMAP_LINEAR (Trilinear) will give best visual quality. Setting it to the other settings will improve performance, but give increasingly worse image quality.
r_uiFullScreen UI is running fullscreen
r_verbose Used for verbose debug spew
r_vertexLight BOOL 0 Vertex lighting mode for better performance. Set this to 0 if you've enabled Lightmap lighting. Setting it to 1 will enable Vertex lighting, which is faster but uglier.
r_znear 0/5 4 Must be set to 4 for OSP servers. Otherwise the correct setting will be applied and your game will vid_restart.
rate The default value for this may not be correct for you. Depending on your connection, try changing the value depending on your connection. You can also change this variable during gameplay to suit your needs. If your ping is high you may want to lower your rate. You can substitute in your own keys & rate values, I use 2600 & 3000. Set one low in case your ping starts to rise (or have a lot of yellow/redin the bottom section of the lagometer), this is a sign you may have set it to high for the current server, try increasing it for better results whenever possible. This caps the rate at which your system sends information through your modem. Once again, usually capped by servers. For 56k we recommend 3500-4000, cable use 4500-7000 and dsl and above test it out with your line speed.
s_2dvolume sets the maximum volume which 2D sounds are played at. By the nature of the filters being applied to the A3D buffers, they are quieter then their 2D counterparts. Hence it is important to quiet the 2D sounds to make up for this. I'd recommend leaving this at the default value, 0.7.
s_a3d_weapons Set it to 1 to enable A3D play weapon sounds. If your soundcard which supports either EA or A3D reverb, you'll get the geometric reverb effect rendered on your weapons. Set this to 0 if your soundcard doesn't support this effect.
s_ambient BOOL 1 Ambient looping sounds. Default 1. Background noises. (Cheat Protected)
s_compression BOOL 1 Compressed Sound Samples. Default On.
s_doppler 39092 1 Controls level of doppler effect. Default 1. Sound of objects travelling towards you are higher pitched, travelling away is lower pitched. Set to 0 to disable doppler effect. Use this setting to adjust the doppler effect. Valid values for x are from 0 - 10. This is a very sensitive setting. I'd recommend leaving it at the default.
s_enableA3D Set it to 1 to enable A3D on supported soundcards. This will improve audio quality (or to be more accurate, the positioning of audio sources).Set x to 1 to disable A3D audio. This will improve performance.
s_geom_reverb A value of 1 enables geometric reverb, 0 disables it. Performance will be improved when set to 0.
s_geometry A value of 1 enables A3D geometry processing, 0disables it. If you enable this feature then you can also edit the setting below. Enabled is slower however.
s_initsound BOOL 1 When set to 1 all audio is enabled. When set to 0 no audio is played. This is completely different to muting the volume levels. Performance will be vastly higher when set to 0 although its only really useful if you want to purely benchmark video card performance in Elite Force.
s_khz 11/22 22 Controls the sound quality. Highest quality is 22khz and lowest is 8khz. Setting to low can increase performance on low spec machines. Set to 22 for best sound quality. Set it to 11 for better performance, you should only change it to this if you have an old soundcard (ISA). High Quality - 22/Low Quality - 11/Ultra Low - 8
s_loadas8bit BOOL 1 Enable/Disable 8 bit sounds. Forces the loading of all sounds as 8 bit instead of 16 bit. Forcing 8 bit sound can increase performance on low spec machines. Set this to 0 to improve audio quality. A setting of 1 may improve performance a little but reduce audio quality.
s_mixahead 0/1 0.2 Determines how far ahead of playing sounds to mix them. Default 0.2. Different values can solve some sound stuttering problems. Sets the sound mixahead value, changing this value may fix sound stuttering with some soundcards. I'd recommend setting it to 0.2 unless you encounter problems, lower it if you do.
s_mixPreStep 0/1 0.05 ????. Default 0.05. Anyone know what this one does? Answers on a postcard…
s_musicvolume 0/1 0.25 Main game music volume control. Default 0.25. 1 is highest volume & 0 is no music. Set to 0 to disable playing music in Elite Force. This will of course improve performance & I'd highly recommend doing that. Especially when you're going to play online.
s_numpolys Sets the maximum polygons to be rendered in A3D. Setting this to 0 is equivalent to s_geometry “0”. Valid values are 0 & above. I'd recommend leaving it at the default value, although setting it higher may result in more accurate 3d sound. Performance may be decreased with values too high.
s_occfactor Leave it at the default setting, which is 0.5.
s_occlude Set x to 1 to enable occlusions. This will improve audio quality (more realistic), although performance will be lower. 0disables occlusions & performance will be improved.
s_reflect Set it to 1 to enable audio reflections. This will improve audio quality (more realistic), although performance will be lower. 0disables reflections & performance will be improved.
s_separation 0/1 0.5 Sets the level of Stereo separation. Default 0.5. Range 0-1.
s_show BOOL 0 Enable/Disable display of sound file names as each sound is played. Really for developers only. Is cheat protected, so cheats must be enabled to use this.
s_testsound BOOL 0 Enable/Disable sound test mode. Again for developers only.
s_volume 0/1 0.8 Main game sound volume control. Default 0.8. 1 is highest volume & 0 is no sound. Use values from 0 to 1 for x to increase/decrease in-game volume. Use your own discretion for this of course. 1 is the maximum, 0 will mute the game.
s_volumeVoice Use values from 0 to 1 for x to increase/decrease the volume for voices. Use your own discretion for this of course. 1 is the maximum, 0 will mute voices in the game, which is not recommended.
scr_conspeed 0/10000 1000
sensitivity 0/30 5 Mouse Sensitivity
sex “male”/“female” “male” Male/Female
snaps The default value for this setting may not be correct for you. Depending on your connection, try changing the value depending on your connection. You can change this variable during gameplay to suit your needs. Use this to increase/decrease the amount of snaps (world updates) sent to the client. If your world updates are bad (lots of Yellow in the top half of the lagometer) you should lower your snaps setting. 30 is a good value to begin with for this setting.You can substitute in your own keys & rate values, I use 26 & 30. As shown earlier you'll want to change this according to the how your lagometer is displaying.
sv_allowDownload BOOL 1 Allow players to download files.
sv_cheats BOOL 1 Allow cheat codes.
sv_floodprotect BOOL 1 Protect players from flooding the server.
sv_fps INT 20 Server frames per second to the client.
sv_hostname CHAR “noname” The friendly name of the server.
sv_killserver menu system can set to 1 to shut server down | |sv_lanForceRate | dedicated 1 (LAN) server forces local client rates to 99999 (bug #491)
sv_master1 CHAR “master3.idsoftware.com” Report to this master server.
sv_master2 CHAR ”” Report to this master server.
sv_master3 CHAR ”” Report to this master server.
sv_master4 CHAR ”” Report to this master server.
sv_master5 CHAR ”” Report to this master server.
sv_maxclients INT 8 Maximum number of players allowed on the server.
sv_maxPing INT 0 (disabled) The max ping value to join the game.
sv_minPing INT 0 The minimum ping value to join the game.
sv_padPackets Add nop bytes to messages
sv_privateClients Number of clients reserved for password
sv_privatePassword Password for the privateClient slots
sv_pure BOOL 1 Pure server.
sv_rconPassword Password for remote server commands
sv_reconnectlimit INT 3 Minimum seconds between connect messages
sv_showloss Report when usercmds are lost
sv_timeout INT 120 Time before a client is considered disconnected.
sv_zombietime INT 2 Time a player can be frozen before getting kicked.
team_headmodel *james Your team's player models heads
team_model james Your team's player models
timelimit INT 0 (endless) Time before a game ends
ui_3waveFont BOOL 0 Toggles the use of the 3Wave font for all game text (scoreboard/teamoverlay etc)
vid_xpos 0/100 75
vid_ypos 0/100 60

Nouvelles CVARs ajoutées par ioQuake3

Amélioration et compat

(version 1.36 du moteur)

cl_autoRecordDemo record a new demo on each map change
cl_aviFrameRate the framerate to use when capturing video
cl_aviMotionJpeg use the mjpeg codec when capturing video
cl_guidServerUniq makes cl_guid unique for each server
cl_cURLLib filename of cURL library to load
cl_consoleKeys space delimited list of key names or characters that toggle the console
s_useOpenAL use the OpenAL sound backend if available
s_alPrecache cache OpenAL sounds before use
s_alGain the value of AL_GAIN for each source
s_alSources the total number of sources (memory) to allocate
s_alDopplerFactor the value passed to alDopplerFactor
s_alDopplerSpeed the value passed to alDopplerVelocity
s_alMinDistance the value of AL_REFERENCE_DISTANCE for each source
s_alMaxDistance the maximum distance before sounds start to become inaudible.
s_alRolloff the value of AL_ROLLOFF_FACTOR for each source
s_alGraceDistance after having passed MaxDistance, length until sounds are completely inaudible
s_alDriver which OpenAL library to use
s_alDevice which OpenAL device to use
s_alAvailableDevices list of available OpenAL devices
s_sdlBits SDL bit resolution
s_sdlSpeed SDL sample rate
s_sdlChannels SDL number of channels
s_sdlDevSamps SDL DMA buffer size override
s_sdlMixSamps SDL mix buffer size override
com_ansiColor enable use of ANSI escape codes in the tty
com_altivec enable use of altivec on PowerPC systems
com_standalone Run in standalone mode
com_maxfpsUnfocused Maximum frames per second when unfocused
com_maxfpsMinimized Maximum frames per second when minimized
s_backend read only, indicates the current sound backend
s_muteWhenMinimized mute sound when minimized
in_joystickNo select which joystick to use
in_keyboardDebug print keyboard debug info
r_ext_texture_filter_anisotropic anisotropic texture filtering
sv_dlURL the base of the HTTP or FTP site that holds custom pk3 files for your server
net_ip6 IPv6 address to bind to
net_port6 port to bind to using the ipv6 address
net_enabled enable networking, bitmask. Add up number for option to enable it: enable ipv4 networking:1, enable ipv6 networking:2, prioritise ipv6 over ipv4:4, disable multicast support:8
net_mcast6addr multicast address to use for scanning for ipv6 servers on the local network
net_mcastiface outgoing interface to use for scan
r_zProj distance of observer camera to projection plane in quake3 standard units
r_greyscale render black and white images
r_stereoEnabled enable stereo rendering for techniques like shutter glasses (untested)
r_anaglyphMode Enable rendering of anaglyph images {red-cyan: 1 - red-blue: 2 - red-green: 3} To swap the colors for left and right eye just add 3 to the value for the wanted color combination. For red-blue and red-green you probably want to enable r_greyscale
r_stereoSeparation Control eye separation. Resulting separation is r_zProj divided by this value in quake3 standard units. See also http://wiki.ioquake3.org/Stereo_Rendering for more information.
r_sdlDriver read only, indicates the SDL driver backend being used


Cvar Description
sv_voip set to “1” (the default) to enable server-side VoIP support. Set to “0” to disable. Without this, all VoIP packets are refused by the server, which means no one gets to use in-game VoIP.
cl_voip set to “1” (the default) to enable client-side VoIP support. Set to “0” to disable. Without this, you will neither be able to transmit voice nor hear other people.
s_alCapture set to “1” (the default) to have the audio layer open an OpenAL capture device. Without this set on sound startup, you'll never get bits from the microphone. This means you won't transmit, but you can still hear other people.
cl_voipSendTarget a string: “all” to broadcast to everyone, “none” to send to no one, “attacker” to send to the last person that hit you, “crosshair” to send to the people currently in your crosshair, “spatial” to talk to all people in hearing range or a comma-separated list of client numbers, like “0,7,2,23” … an empty string is treated like “spatial”. You can also use a mixed string like “0, spatial, 2, crosshair”. This is reset to “spatial” when connecting to a new server. Presumably mods will manage this cvar, not people, but keybind could be useful for the general cases. To send to just your team, or the opposing team, or a buddy list, you have to set a list of numbers.
cl_voipUseVAD set to “1” to automatically send audio when the game thinks you are talking, “0” (the default) to require the user to manually start transmitting, presumably with a keybind.
cl_voipVADThreshold only used if cl_voipUseVAD is “1” … a value between 0.0 and 1.0 that signifies the volume of recorded audio that the game considers to be speech. You can use this to trim out breathing or perhaps the sound of your fingers tapping the keyboard and only transmit audio louder than that. You will have to experiment to find the value that works best for your hardware and play style. The default is “0.25”, with “0.0” being silence and “1.0” being pretty-darn-loud.
cl_voipSend when set to “1”, the game will capture audio from the microphone and transmit it, when “0”, the game will not. The game can optimize for the “0” case (perhaps turning off audio recording). Lots of things set this on and off, including cl_voipUseVAD, so you probably should not touch this directly without knowing what you're doing, but perhaps mods can make use of it.
cl_voipGainDuringCapture This is the volume (“gain”) of audio coming out of your speakers while you are recording sound for transmission. This is a value between 0.0 and 1.0, zero being silence and one being no reduction in volume. This prevents audio feedback and echo and such, but if you're listening in headphones that your mic won't pick up, you don't need to turn down the gain. Default is 0.2 (20% of normal volume). You ABSOLUTELY want to make your speakers quiet when you record, if the microphone might pick it up!
cl_voipShowMeter Set to “1” (the default) to show a volume meter as you are recording from the microphone, so you can see how well the game can “hear” you. Set to “0” to disable the display of the meter.
cl_voipCaptureMult Multiply recorded audio by this value after denoising. Defaults to 2.0 to _double_ the volume of your voice. This is to make you more audible if denoising eats away too much data. Set this to 1.0 to get no change, less to be quieter.
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